Thoughts and questions

Hey everyone! Thanks again for the great comments and feedback.  
Today I have been thinking about some deep thoughts! :D Haha, I know, that sounds funny to me too. I have been thinking about friendships. I got a long message from my good friend from Finland where she had written something about friends and friendships -  this is the topic we have been talking a lot about together. She said that “it feels so much different to hang out with friends you have known for a long time, than with the people you have known for just a few weeks”.  I think we can all agree with that, of course you have different level of trust and common history with the long term friend. 
But I think that at this age, when I’m not 10-15 anymore, getting good or best friends is harder. I have started to value different things that I didn't when I was a teenager, for example if somebody was in your school, that was a good qualification to be your friend! Could you be best friends with someone that you have known only for a couple of weeks? I think that I would need more time – the trust and knowledge of another grows when you spend more and more time with him/her.
So now I wanna know your opinions! Do you have a best friend/friends? Are your best friends with the people you have known for a long time? Have you found a good friend recently?
I found these quotes from the Internet:
A Greek writer, Euripides wrote: “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives
What do you think? Could you switch some of your relatives for one good friend?
Emily Dickinson wrote: “My friends are my estate”
What about this one? Are friends everything to you?
pls, if you have ANYTHING to say about this topic  - feel free to comment!

But now I’m going to move to more shallow stuff! :D
My challenge continues!

1.)    My current wishlist

I wish (for/to)…
-          new clothes: white jacket, long big scarf, new jeans, bikinis
-          to see the SUN!
-          chocolate
-          good grades from school
-          so much money that I could buy very big and very expensive x-mas presents for my friends and family! :D
-          sushi
-          a day in the Victoria’s Secret store
-          that tomorrow would be the 20th of December
-          strawberry smoothie
-          to lay on the beach
-          new perfume
-          new wallet
-          snow
-          to dance in the club when a Lady Gaga song is playing
-          to sit on my friends couch and talk about everything

2.)    The part of my body I dislike the most.
This must be my stomach area! It is the part of my body that gains weight first… Sometimes I don’t like my skin, because when I was younger, I had quite bad skin, so since then I have always considered my skin bad.

3.)    The part of my body I like the most
I like my legs. They are quite long and they look good when I’m wearing high heels. When I’m having a good day, I like my face, and when I’m having a VERY good day, I like pretty much everything about myself. No, I’m not being cocky, I’m just building a good self-esteem! ;D

4.)    The next plan that is coming up that I’m really excited for:
The holiday in Florida! We’re leaving on 20th of December.

Have a nice week! <3


New clothes from Valtteri

As I mentioned yesterday, I went shopping at Valtteri second hand market on Saturday. It was pretty good day! These are the things I found, they all cost 0,2-1 €.  

Pink sweater, from SKINNI FIT

Long white and brown scarf.

Denim vest, I guess this is from Seppälä.

Haha, I'm not a big fan of fake nails, but this was so cheap, and it hadn't been opened, so guess I'll try!
Pyjama pants, ACTUELLE

Red shirt, VERO MODA

These are the jeans I've been looking for! I was so happy when I found them. They are maybe little too wide in the waist, so I'm going to use a belt when I'm wearing these.  ONLY

White dress from VERO MODA

OH GOD I LOVE THIS ! The girl who sold me this, has made this herself!

I think this was the best item I bought! Perfect for every little party that is coming up!
This lovely white dress is from GINA TRICOTT.

So, what doyou think? :) 
ps. I checked that I had received more readers from abroad! Hope you like this blog, and thank you guys!!


Tiring monday

I've been pretty tired today, I don't know why, I thought I got a good night sleep. I think I have to eat some vitamins!
But yeah, nevermind, the weekend was good! I went to dinner with my friend on Friday, did some shopping in Valtteri and went to dinner and some bar with my friend on Saturday and on Sunday we went to watch the movie Paranormal Activity 3.

But now I'm going to continue the challenge!

1. Here are the two tv-shows I love:

 Sex and the City

Desperate Housewives

2. The photo of me and my outfit
(I haven't been able to take pic today.. sorry! this two are from weekend)
Jacket: ZARA
Leggins and the scarf: H&M
Dress is from VILA.
3. What is in my bag?
These items are always with me.

1.) My red make-up bag, pink hairbrush, and Lumene's hand lotion.
2.) Some buss-tickets, my keys, my pink cellphone and my pink ipod. (ps. i'm shooting these photos with my PINK camera hahhhaa) and a bottle of still water!
3.)  Some tissues, a notebook and some pencils.

4. The item I last purchased
It was the bottle of water which you can see in previous picture.

ps. Dont be afraid of commenting and giving feedback to me!
And if You have some wishes, please let me know!

sources: from my files and from weheartit


I faced a challenge!

One anonymous reader of mine wrote me a big list of things (30 things) a few weeks ago and that I should photograph and share this list with you. 
I read the whole list and thought that it is maybe too long for me and there were some things you have already seen, so I deleted some of them and so I’m going to make some posts of these themes/ideas I chose! :

- A photograph of yourself two years ago.
- A photograph of yourself without makeup.
- A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.
- Your dream wedding.
- Your favourite movie.
- A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
- A photo of you, taken today and the outfit you wore today.
- What’s in your bag?
- A photo of the item you last purchased.
- Your current wishlist.
- The part of you that you dislike the most. (im not going to take a picture of this...)
- The part of you that you like the most. (im not going to take a picture of this either!)
- The next plan you have coming up that you’re really excited for.
- A song to match your mood.
- A photograph of the town you live in.
- A celebrity you don’t like, and why.
- A photo of your favorite item of clothing.
- What’s in your make-up bag?
- A photograph of yourself taken today, the pictures taken through the whole day and three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.
I have put together here your wishes, what you have wished to see in my posts. I’m going to do them all, but maybe in few, separate posts. Here are the first 5.
1. Here are two pictures of me, taken two years ago.

Yes, I was blonde!!!
2. A picture of myself without any makeup (not really good one, I found this here, from my blog)

3. Here is a photo of someone I fancy right now...
the photo was taken few weeks ago, in my dads birthdayparty

4. My dream wedding.
I haven't really "dreamt" about this, but I think that my dream wedding would be a beautiful, bright, white, happy, love-filled and fun event.
It would be amazing to get married in some beautiful beach in some warm location, and all my relatives and family would be here!

ps. I have a dream dress, but im not going to reveal it here.... :)

5. My favorite movie: BIG FISH, so romantic, funny, I love it ! This movie has so special atmosphere.

I'll try to post again ASAP ! have a great week guys <3 !


Birthday girl

Hi everyone! I had an amazing birthday! I got breakfest in bed, I got so many congratulations and I ate a lot of good food! In the evening we went to dinner and to some bar. I had invited my friends from my school, and it was so fun to spend an evening together and I was so happy that everyone came and celebrated with me.

Here is my outfit from that evening, (at school I wore a sweatshirt and leggins)

I had some curls in my hair!
I got this lovely bag that I have been wishing for, from Juuso:
I love this, because it is so big that there is space for my lap top when I go to school!
It also has a longer strap that I can put it on my shoulder.

AAA, by the way, I have new clothes - I bought this two birthday presents for myself! ;)

 This little black dress is from Vero Moda. I know it doesn't look like - well, like anything, in these pictures, but it is made from very nice fabric, and doesn't have any shoulder straps.
  on sale, 9 euros (!!!)


And this little furry vest is also from Vero Moda Jeans, and cost 12 e, also on sale. LOVE IT!

And I got another nice birthday suprise from my mother... She had some nice news for me..
(hmm, watch this photos and try to guess...)



I'm so happy, I haven't been in somewhere warm, far away, for a long time, and we have had so much work from school that this is just what I need!!!

Thank you guys for your congratulations!!! <3

ps. Im going to do some posts you have been wishing for, next week! :)


Sweet 20

First of all, i would like to say THANK YOU for your sweet comments.
I know that i have been little quiet here, but i have had so much school that I haven't had simply enough time to my blog.. :/
I have done couple of presentations for school, the first one i did about Human Rights and the other about Institutions of European Union. On Friday I have one exam but after that the school should be easier for a while.
In the past weekend we went to dinner a couple of times and shopping - but no, i didn't buy anything interesting.
You have wished AGAIN more outfit-photos - which I am glad of course - but I don't have anything special... But here are some:

You maybe noticed that I'm not wearing anything new.

But tomorrow after school we are going to celebrate a little because...

Im turning 20 tomorrow!

We are going to eat in some restaurant and something, I don't know yet :)
But im so happy to be 20 years old, because 99% of my friends already are 20 or older.

ps. I'm going to do the posts you've been wishing, like the make-up and outfits and other posts you want to see!

Have a nice week guys!!!


I love second hand

Oh GOD this week is craaazy.. I have so much homeworks from school to do!
I'm waiting for the weekend to start so bad...

But yeah, as I mentioned, I went to Finland last week, and on Saturday I went to the Valtteri Second Hand Market, the place I have absolutely grown to love :D I always find something nice there.

In Finnish:
Voi kamala oikeesti mikä viikko!!! Mulla on niin paljon koulujuttuja tehtävänä! Mutta ootan viikonloppua, sitten ehtii ees vähän relata!

Mutta siis niinkuin sanoin aikasemmin, olin siis viime viikolla Helsingissä, ja kävin siis Valtterin kirpputorilla, paikka jota oikeesti niin rakastan :D Teen sieltä aina niin kivoja löytöjä.

But here is some clothes I found, I can't remember exactly what they cost, but something between 0,5-2 euros.
Mutta tässä siis muutamia vaatteita mitä ostin, en muista hintoja ihan tarkalleen mutta hinnat oli jotain puolesta kahteen euroon!

Tally Weijl, 1 e

OKEI. tää ei näytä miltään tässä, mutta siis tää on lyhyt hihainen, löysä villatakki, H&M

? i don't know where this is from, 1 e

Ginatricot 1-2 e

H&M 0,5 €

Leggins (don't know where) 0,5e

GT 0,5 €

Have a nice week and thank u so much for all the nice comments!!!<3
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